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Servicing Your Vehicle Near Andalusia

Keeping your vehicle serviced and getting regular maintenance is an important step to your vehicle running smoothly for a long time. No matter the make or model of the car, proper maintenance such as oil changes, tire rotations, and checking your brakes are all extremely important to keep you and your passengers safe and your vehicle running smoothly. In addition to getting regular maintenance performed, you need to be ready and have a service center you trust in case anything unexpected happens and you need a repair done or damage fixed. Our certified technicians work out of a fully stocked and equipped service center so that they are ready to help you with anything you could need, from major body repairs all the way down to oil changes. Stop by to take advantage of our service specials and have your vehicle checked and serviced today!

Tire Rotation and Fills

Proper and regular service includes making sure your tires are filled and rotated, so they can take you anywhere you want to go. Part of checking your tires includes checking the tread and seeing how much life they have left in them. In order to keep your tread wearing evenly and extend the life of the tires, be sure to bring your car by every 6,000 to 8,000 miles for us to rotate your tires and check the air.

Regular Oil Changes

The oil is a very essential part of any engine. Oil’s job in your engine is to flow through it and lubricate everything to keep it running smoothly. As it cycles through your engine, it picks up dirt and dust and deposits them in your oil filter to keep there from being any blockage. In order for your oil to be able to keep doing this efficiently, you need to keep it clean and new. This means that every 7,500 to 10,000 miles, bring your car to us for service!

Brake Maintenance

You don’t want to let yourself be in a situation where your brakes start to give you trouble and your brake light comes on, so be sure to keep an eye out for the warning signs. If you hear a grinding or squeaking noise while you are braking, have an unusual feeling when you push your brake pedal or your pedal vibrates, or you smell a bad odor, this is a sign that you need to bring your car to be serviced if you are experiencing any of this, please use the buttons to schedule service at our dealership or contact our Service Department. You can also call us at 334-923-4426.

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